Free Bottle Tempilaq Thinner W/Anneal-Rite Purchase, Expires 8-17-2019


 The package arrived, today. You must have had it in the mail before I  ordered. You are amazing sir. As is your product.  - Mark - Houston, TX  


Just did couple hundred 223,s what a sweet system, thanks again.  R.F.N.   

The setup is Great, and the Ultimate cartridge Check System with digital indicator is slick. ~  Michael C. 

 Thanks a lot, Tom. I have processed a couple hundred .243 and about 50 -  .338 Lapua brass. The simplicity of your system is great! Now for some  22-250 brass.  Thanks! - Ben 

  Your system works great! I annealed 500 cases of .308 with no issues  whatsoever. I'm chopping a bunch of brass for 300 blackout and am about  to make an order for the holder.  It looks like I need a #4 holder.   Kevin   

 I received the Anneal-Rite setup yesterday, set things up after reading  the instructions and at first placed some of the 750 degree Tempilaq  inside the case neck as well as the 450 on the outside of my 270  Winchester cases.  After several passes it seem to take about 3-4  seconds and all went well.  Many thanks for something that works well,  quickly, and doesn't break the bank doing so!  - Regards, David 

I have hesitated to anneal for several years. Reading up on the  process, it seemed that going by the color of the brass at heating was  very subjective. I never hesitated to buy your system when I read about  the Tempilaq liquid.  The brass handling setup is quick and easy. Many  Kudos for an accurate and reasonably priced system  -  David  -  Byron,  IL 

Dear Sir,   I have been using your system with  enthusiasm and success for about one year. I recall the trepidation with  which I first approached annealing, which seemed to require either  expensive hardware or excessive guesswork. I can attest that your system  is not expensive, and it most certainly is not cheap. It is cost  effective, easy to use, and safely anneals brass even in the hands of  someone new to the activity. Thank you for an excellent product.  -   Marco, Canada

 Ordered Saturday, got my goodies yesterday and did (5) 5.56 cases as a  test.  Decided this wasn't above my (limited) abilities after all;-}   Today I did 278, in batches of 50 this is just an arbitrary number for  my use.  By the last 50, I had it down to 5 minutes to anneal 50 cases.   I'd recommend the Anneal-Rite system to ANYONE! It's as simple as it  could be, and all you really need to do is pay attention - after all,  you ARE using 2 lit torches!!!   I wish I could've had this rig 30 years  ago!  Thanks for this, Tom. You can be sure that I'll send everyone  your way that's interested in annealing;-}   Now to get on with the next  10 bazillion cases;-}  Take care - Mike  

 I have a small machine shop, and could have built one of these myself.   After a cost analysis, I determined the Anneal-Rite System to be more  cost effective.  In actual practice, this exceedingly simple system is a  remarkable instructional tool.  Nothing is hidden, nothing is  mysterious, and the results will produce correctly annealed brass at a  rate that will satisfy even the gas gun folks.  Put simply, the  Anneal-Rite will produce the same output as more complex systems,  without the larger footprints many of these systems require. Storing the  Anneal-Rite requires just a little more space than a three ring binder,  and set up takes less than 10 minutes, including lighting the torches.   The system has nothing that can be broken and nothing requiring  maintenance.  Made in the USA by ingenious Americans.  Pretty neat.  T.  Browne  New York 

 I've received, and used the annealing kit I recently purchased after  viewing your YouTube instructional.  Things went so well, and precisely  as described, that I just wanted to say thanks, both for the good design  of your equipment, but also, for it's ease of use.  Just like you did  in the video, I bought both the appropriate (750 degree) Tempilaq, and  the lower temp (450 degree) Tempilaq to use to confirm my timing for  your process. I followed your instructions, using your equipment, and  indeed, the neck shoulder Tempilaq turned the appropriate color on  queue, and the lower temp Tempilaq, painted on the lower body of test  brass, did not turn from it's original color, indicating the annealing  was localized to the right area of the brass. Perfect.  I was worried  this would be a difficult, and imprecise process, and thanks to the  design of your equipment, I found it was simple and straightforward. I  know I can get consistent results with your process.  I love it when a  plan comes together.  Sincere Thanks - Jim - Grand Junction, Colorado 

I got the annealer stuff a few days ago.  It works EXACTLY as you  showed in your video with no tricks.  After a little bit of practice (no  more than 5 or so rounds), I smoothly transition between cases and was  doing a .308 case every 8-10 seconds.  Haven't shot them but the neck  tension did feel a little more consistent than before.  These cases have  been shot 9 times each, they were getting ready for the graveyard,  hopefully this will bring them back a little, and from this point  forward I can hopefully extend the life of any future cases. I  also annealed several .223 cases.  I was a little nervous about doing  them because of their size/ length, but with the 750 degree liquid in  the neck and a little 450 degree liquid down the side, I was able to  tell that I was doing it correctly and there was no indication that the  head of the case reached a temperature anywhere close to the danger  zone.  I have thought about annealing for several months, but  was never really comfortable with the processes I saw.  Consistency  seamed to be unattainable because of the lack of temperature indicators  and there was no way to know if you heated one side of the case neck too  much.  It just seemed that you could easily make case concentricity  worse instead of better.  With other annealers, they used the color  change of the brass as an indicator, but that seemed dangerous.  Bottom  line, yours is consistent on all sides of the case since it uses 2  torches, it is quick to set up and tear down, stores compactly, and most  of all it is idiot proof, when the Tempilaq color changes dump the  case, pretty easy.  I just wanted to take a moment and thank  you for your product.  It does what it is supposed to do, easily,  safely, and conveniently.  You were extremely helpful during the order  process, the order arrived very quickly.  It has been a pleasure doing  business with you and your company and if anyone asks me about annealing  brass, I will definitely send them to you… Keep Up The Good Work!     Randy, Fort Wayne, IN



 The setup is Great, and the Ultimate cartridge Check System with digital indicator is slick. ~  Michael C. 

I  recently received your Ultimate Cartridge Check System that I read  about in Handloader Magazine.  I am very pleased with the purchase of  your product.  It exceeds both the article’s review and my expectations.   I have used a number different concentricity gauges over the years in  the manufacturing of custom ammunition.  Your product is considerably  better than what I have been using and superior to any other product, of  its kind, presently on the market.  The Ultimate Cartridge Check System  is of industrial quality and seemingly built to last a life time of  continual use. Truly a very durable measuring device.  I appreciate its  versatility as well as the speed and ease of use with its digital  indicator.  Thank you for making available such a quality measuring  instrument.  Stephen Holtz, Owner / Operator ~ American Custom Cartridge