ANNEAL RITE, #3 HOLDER, 750° F. TEMPILAQ & 2 BernzOmatic Torches


SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL ~ Anneal-Rite unit with #3 Holder, 750 Deg. Tempilaq & 2 Bernzomatic Torches.

ANNEAL RITE, #3 HOLDER, 750ºF Tempilaq & 2 Bernzomatic Torches, for .223 Rem. .224 Valkyrie plus all cases with head not over .417” diameter and at least 1.250” long. One 2 oz. bottle of 750 F. Tempilaq included. TORCHES INCLUDED WITH THIS BUNDLE, we don’t sell propane bottles, brass, or towel. FREE SHIPPING! #97.800 POSTPAID.



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