Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   A customer wrote!  I am  considering your system for annealing case necks. You recommend 750  degrees for annealing, other vendors and web sites recommend 650  degrees.  Can you elaborate on the correct/best temperature. I don't  want to ruin a bunch of expensive cases.      Robert G.

A.    The research I have done with  cartridge brass manufacturers as well as  metallurgists recommend minimum of 700 and max. of 800 Deg. F. on the  case neck.  This is why we use 750 deg. F. Tempilaq as it is right in  the middle of the proper range.  Tempilaq is guaranteed accurate to plus  or minus one percent this is a total spread of just 15 deg. F.  I have  annealed many thousands of cases at this temperature and have had  excellent results.

Robert G. Response - Thank you very much for the clarification.  I'll be placing an order soon.

Robert ordered our Anneal-Rite and is now one of our 2,000 plus satisfied customer!