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In 2008 I needed to anneal some brass cartridge cases. Shopping revealed annealers from $500.00 to over $800.00. This was felt to be quite pricy. Now there is even an electric annealer that sells for over $1,400.00, and is half the speed of our unit. My tool and die background kicked in and the Anneal-Rite was born, giving perfect and safe results. My wife, after watching me anneal brass, has no problem using the Anneal-Rite. Each unit comes with simple instructions. With over 2,300 Anneal-Rite units sold we have over 99% customer satisfaction. We also offer many other reloading related products including the Ultimate Cartridge Check System. Call 479-629-5566 if you have questions. Hours are 9am to 9pm Mon. through Sat. Central Time.

 Good Shooting to all,

 Tom Wilson

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