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Ultimate Cartridge Check System with 1” analog dial indicator.


This precision measuring instrument measures the following; 1. Case Length 2. Cartridge Overall Length 3. Case Neck TIR (total indicated runout) 4. Bullet TIR 5. Primer Seating Depth 6. Bullet Meplat Variations 7. Case Wall Thickness 8. Impending Case Head Separation Defects 9. Case rim TIR 10. Extraction Groove TIR 11. Bullet Ogive Variations* 12. Loaded Cartridge Check to Bullet Ogive* 13. Case Shoulder Bump Variations* 14. Rimmed Case Headspace* Measurements marked * indicate an optional accessory is needed. Three indicator points provided, round, needle, and flat end. POST PAID 119.95

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