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Anneal-Rite Brass Annealing Machine | Enterprise Services LLC
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2 oz. bottle 450° F. Tempilaq®


temperature indicating fluid. An applicator brush is provided inside the lid. Brass begin to anneal at 482° F. the case head (area of extraction groove or rim) must never be annealed. On all cases 1 ¾” long or less brushed a stripe ¼ way up on the outside of the case if there is no color change the case head is safe and has not been annealed. An annealed case head may rupture causing serious damage. POST PAID $29.99. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE -The products we offer are guaranteed to perform exactly as advertised. Purchase any of our products, examine for up to 14 days. If you are not satisfied for any reason return items prepaid, free of damage, for a full refund. less return shipping.

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