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Anneal-Rite | Brass Cartridge Case Annealer starts at $116.95

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In 2008 I needed to anneal some brass cartridge cases. Shopping revealed annealers from $500.00 to over $800.00. This was felt to be quite pricy. Now there is even an electric annealer that sells for over $1,400.00, and is half the speed of our unit. My tool and die background kicked in and the Anneal-Rite was born, giving perfect and safe results. My wife, after watching me anneal brass, has no problem using the Anneal-Rite. Each unit comes with simple instructions. With over 2,300 Anneal-Rite units sold we have over 99% customer satisfaction. We also offer many other reloading related products including the Ultimate Cartridge Check System. Call 479-629-5566 if you have questions. Hours are 9am to 9pm Mon. through Sat. Central Time.

Good Shooting to all,

Tom Wilson

Innovative Brass Annealing Products

When it comes to brass annealer products, the Anneal-Rite is unmatched in affordability & quality. Every product ordered is prepaid delivery right to your door, saving you more money.
Contact us today 479-629-5566 and see the results for yourself.
Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM Mon. thru Sat.