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  • PERFECT case neck annealing    
  • From $125.97 DELIVERED
  • MONEY-BACK guarantee w/15 trial, use it and decide!
  • FAST, we annealed 97 ~ .223 Rem. cases @ the rate of 1570 per hour
  • INCREASE accuracy
  • HUGE increase in case life
  • PERFECT temperature control  750ºF Tempilaq included.
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Anneal-Rite For Perfect Brass Case Neck Annealing

Considering annealing brass cartridge case necks? 
ANNEAL-RITE Brass Annealing Machines Perform 100% with Guaranteed Perfect Results

Why Get a Brass Annealing Machine?

You’ve considered annealing your brass cartridge case necks, however, viewing some YouTube videos you concluded judging temperature by brass color change hazardous, and you would be absolutely right. Without annealing cases usually start to fail by developing cracked necks around 5 to 7 firings, then they’re scrap.

A bench rest shooter set a 5 shot group record of .861″ at 600 yards, he annealed the neck of this brass after every firing, it was the 58th time he fired it, (tight custom chamber). In our .308 Win. Remington 700 rifle, with a standard chamber, the neck expands .010″ when fired. In one box of 50 brass cases, they will be fired the 21st. time at the next range session. GREAT BRASS SAVINGS!

It’s a fact annealing brass case necks increases accuracy and extends case life. Anneal-Rite brass annealing machine guarantees perfect case neck annealing on every case. You can easily anneal 600 per hour, in our shop we annealed 97 ~ .223 Rem. cases at the rate of over 1570 per hour, by actual stopwatch time. Anneal-Rite is tremendously faster than the electric induction annealer, at a fraction of the price, and you get a no risk guarantee. Anneal-Rite is made in the US with live customer support, have questions, call us 9am to 9pm Mon. – Sat. 479-629-5566.

CORRECT ANNEALING TEMPERATURE ~ a brass manufacturer stated in a magazine article the correct neck annealing temperature was not less than 700°F and not over 800°F, we supply 750°F. Tempilaq w/each ANNEAL-RITE, it’s guaranteed accurate to + – 7  1/2°F.

It’s acceptable to water cool the brass but this doesn’t affect annealing in any way, the modern method is to let brass air cool; as brass manufacturers do.

If annealing isn’t done correctly benefits are nullified, too cool and you don’t remove work hardened stresses, too hot and the brass is too soft resulting in collapsed shoulders and scrap brass when resized.

Do the job right with the ANNEAL-RITE, perfect results guaranteed!

Brass Annealing Machine | Anneal-Rite Brass Annealer

Robert Watson
Robert Watson
These people are great to deal with would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Will continue dealing with them as long as I have brass to anneal.
Larry Nelson
Larry Nelson
Absolutely saved me! Great to do business with super helpful, quick to share knowledge,
Pat Breitbach
Pat Breitbach
Great communication and customer service. Quality of the unit is excellent.
Billy Starnes
Billy Starnes
Very easy to use. Great product that won’t break the bank. The people there are also very nice and friendly to talk to.
Rick Bangerter
Rick Bangerter
Great customer service, knows just what you need and is very helpful with his knowledge.
Aaron Harmon
Aaron Harmon
After seeing the product on a YouTube video and looking through the website later, It became obvious that supporting a small business making a simple, yet elegant product was the way to go. I ordered the material needed for my multiple calibers of BPCR cases. The order was immediately acknowledged and a shipping tracking number was provided the next day. The material arrives within a few days and I was chomping at the bit for Saturday to roll around so I could set things up. The setup was exceptionally easy and within minutes, I was annealing 45-90 brass. For an average shooter, shooting BPCR matches and other cast bullet matches, this is the product to use. It is exceptionally well made, will definitely last a lifetime, is user friendly, uses no electricity, and I got to support a great small business! I am VERY HAPPY with the product.
zach tatman
zach tatman
Peanut Gallery 007
Peanut Gallery 007
This annealing kit is great! I thought about just making my own similar setup, but at this price it simply didn’t make sense to procure all the requisite elements, and add to that the time to put it all together. Works great & easily sets up and churns out production. 5 star!!
Adam Neale
Adam Neale

Anneal-Rite, affordable, made in USA, Guaranteed Perfect Results