• Precision brass case neck annealing
  • Anneal 500 to 600 cases/ hr.
  • Perfect results every time
  • Safety, 750ºF Tempilaq included
  • Increase accuracy
  • Greatly increase case life
  • 15-day examination in your hands
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy foolproof operation, SEE VIDEO!


Rifle Brass Annealing Equipment

When you’re ready to start annealing the necks of your cartridge brass cases, you want a machine that is efficient, accurate, and reasonable. No product fits that description better than our Anneal-Rite brass annealing system. It anneals cartridge brass necks at precisely the proper temperature, and it is sturdy and affordable.

Anneal-Rite includes a base stand, choice of one cartridge case holder, turning knob & axle, two propane bottle holders, and one 2 oz. bottle of 750° F. Tempilaq heat-indicating fluid Torches are optionally available.

Make things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted!

Why Anneal Brass Cartridges Case Necks?

As a reloader, you may have considered brass neck annealing but were hesitant. Guessing brass temperature by color is obviously incorrect. Without annealing, brass usually fails after 5 to 7 firings. A bench rest shooter set a 5 shot group record at 600 yards of.861. He anneals after every firing. This was the 58th time he fired this brass. It’s long been recognized that proper annealing increases accuracy and lengthens case life. The Anneal-Rite guarantees perfect results every time, annealing 500 to 600 cases per hour. This is twice as fast as the induction unit and at a fraction of the cost.

Make things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted!

Proper Brass Annealing Technique

Correct cartridge case neck annealing can be incredibly beneficial, increasing the life of your brass and tightening your groups. However, if annealing isn’t done properly, not only are these benefits nullified, but the resulting brass can be dangerous.

Make things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted!

Other Brass Cartridge Annealing Methods

In the past, information on cartridge brass neck annealing was limited and the methods were problematic. Originally, the method was to stand cases in a shallow pan of water, heating the neck of each case one at a time with a torch until it emitted a low red glow, then tipping it over into the water. This method is messy, slow, and just a wild guess at temperature. Water quenching brass makes no metallurgical change at all; it does not react like heat treating steel. The idea of water quenching brass was to stop the annealing process, which stops anyway when brass is removed from the heat source.

Make things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted!

About Enterprise Services & Anneal-Rite

At Enterprise Services, we’ve believed in annealing our own brass for years, but were never quite satisfied with the processes available. Then, about ten years ago, it came time to anneal a large batch of brass cases.

The Ultimate Cartridge Check System provides 14 measurements in preparing precision reloaded ammunition. A full description of all functions is explained in our shopping cart.

Pictured is our optional plywood mounting board for the Anneal-Rite w/bolts & wingnuts. Once installed future sessions don’t need adjustment. A great time saver. *

*Or purchase our pkg. of bolt, wingnuts & installation drawing for mounting on your 1’ X 2’ board. *

Make things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted!

Anneal-Right Brass Annealing Machine

When you are seriously considering a brass annealing machine, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. The Anneal-Rite system is easy, affordable, and American-made.

Make things simple, intuitive and expertly crafted!

Brass Cartridge Annealing & More

When you are ready to increase the life of your brass and improve accuracy safely with a brass annealing machine, Anneal-Rite does it best. Our machine is very affordable and constructed of strong 14-gauge steel. Perfect, safe results are guaranteed. Just follow the simple instructions included. No temperature guessing using the 750° Tempilaq included with every machine.

There’s no need to buy a bunch of different measuring tools. This system allows the user to perform 14 measurements in preparing precision reloaded ammunition. A full description of all functions is explained in our shopping cart.


Precision ammunition headspace gages for .22 LR for use with loaded ammunition, all other gages for case only .22 Hornet ~ .45-70 ~ .45-90 ~ .45-100 ~ .45-110 ~ .45-120.

1. Measure the gage W/O a case and set your caliper to read 0.

2. Place a case into the gage, measure, your caliper now reads that cases headspace.

Innovative Brass Annealing Products

When it comes to brass annealer products, the Anneal-Rite is unmatched in affordability & quality. Every product ordered is prepaid delivery right to your door, saving you more money.
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